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What is re-evaluation?

A re-evaluation is a meeting to keep special education services current.  This is needed for scholarship eligibility and if your child ever returns to public school.

Does my child need an IEP if they are enrolled at Einstein Academy?

No.  However, you do need proof of eligibility if you wish to apply for scholarship funds

Do do I know when my child is due for re-evaluation?

A student is eligible every three years.  The eligibility date is listed on their IEP.  If your child does not have an IEP it is three years from the date of medical diagnosis.

What is a re-evaluation meeting?

It is a meeting held by Greenville County Schools Department of Psychological Services to establish eligibility for special education services in Greenville County.

What if I don't live in Greenville County?

Re-evaluation is done by the district the student receives their education in, not the county in which they reside.

What do I bring to the meeting?

MAP scores, current accommodations, teacher comments, work samples, information regarding your child’s strengths and weaknesses, information from others outside the school setting (i.e. therapist, tutors), your goals for your child now and in the future as well as the parent meeting preparation form.

Who is present at the meeting?

Team members from Greenville County Schools; SPED Teacher, psychologist, General Education Teacher, Parent and anyone else the parent wishes to include.

Where is the meeting held?

Generally, the meeting is held at MT Anderson.  However, if your child is an 8th grader returning to GCS the meeting will be held at the school the student is zoned for.

What takes place at the meeting?

The team has a list of approximately 20 questions to review along with material presented by the parents.  This is all used to determine if the student is still eligible for SPED services.

Will more psychological tests be performed for my child?

95% of the time the answer is no.  Testing is only performed if additional information is needed to determine eligibility or if the child’s disability category has changed or if it needs to be determined if a 504 is more suitable for the student.

Who's responsibility is it to set the re-evaluation meeting?

he parents.  Parents should contact the office of psychological services of GCS a few months prior to the re-valuation date on the IEP.  Dr. Melanie Dewitt is the Director of Psychological Services for GCS and her office number is 864-452-0041.

What if my child's IEP has expired? Are we still eligible for re-evaluation?

Yes, contact the Psychological Services Office ASAP to get a meeting set for re-establishing eligibility.

If my child is enrolled in a SPED school such as Einstein do I need to have a re-evaluation meeting?

A meeting is required every three years if you wish to be eligible for scholarship funds. 

What if my 8th grader plans to return to GCS for 9th grade?

Whether they are due for re-evaluation or not contact the office of psychological services in the early spring of their 8th grade year to establish a meeting to transition them back into public school and establish any SPED services.

What if my 8th grader is planning on attending a Charter School for 9th grade?

Charter schools are not part of GCS and have different procedures.  Please contact the SC Public Charter School District for their procedures or 803-734-8322

What alternative programs, i.e. Career center, are available for my child in high school?

Contact Cheryl Johnson, Director of Community and Parent Engagement for more information 864-452-0006