Our Approach

Our Mission

Einstein Academy is a private, not-for-profit school that provides 1st through 8th-grade students with learning difficulties, Attention Deficit/Hyperactive disorders and Autism Spectrum disorders an opportunity to learn in a personalized, accelerated, and non-traditional program that focuses on academic achievement, responsible behavior, and lifelong learning.

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Our Story

Our History

This private middle school for learning disabilities and ADD/ADHD children was founded in July 2005 by approximately twenty families who had children diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and various learning disabilities. These parents and their children experienced great difficulties and frustration with obtaining an education in the traditional public school classroom of 25+ children. In addition, their search for an appropriate private school for these middle school-aged children was unsuccessful.

Their child’s typical IEP (Individual Education Plan) included accommodations listing small group settings, decreased distractions, increased teacher eye contact, study guides, frequent checks for understanding, verbal instructions for tests and frequent breaks with physical activity. These accommodations were inherently impossible to obtain in the structure of public schools outside of a self-contained class. Furthermore, self-contained classrooms were inappropriate for these children since most of them were of average or above-average intelligence.

These parents noted the similarities in their children and realized that it was easier to open a private school specifically designed to provide the needed accommodations than it was to obtain them in the public education system. The school was named the Einstein Learning Center after the famous Albert Einstein, who also was diagnosed with Autism. (The school became Einstein Academy in late 2011.)

This parent board had a unique opportunity to profoundly effect their child’s education. They seized that opportunity. Their unwavering dedication in opening this school has been rewarded with amazing results.

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