The Einstein Academy philosophy, structure and process is based on 52 principles adopted in 2005.

These principles are the guiding standards of the school and have provided success for children with learning difficulties consistently since it’s conception.

The structure and process is stated in specific areas to successfully teach children with ADHD, autism, high-functioning Autism, central auditory processing disorder, dyslexia, dysgraphia and other learning difficulties.

The focus of the principles include:

1.  School organization, physical layout and atmosphere

2. Classroom furnishing and set up

3. Student admission assessment/student class assignments

4. Individual Education Plans

5. Individualized instruction

6.  Individualized testing methods



7. Academic monitoring

8.  Strong parent communication

9. Therapeutic programs to strengthen processing skills (ex. listening program, handwriting without tears, Orton-Gillingham tutoring)

10.  Behavior modification based on the principles of Love and Logic in the Classroom, protecting the child’s self-image and esteem.


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