Einstein Academy is a concept school based on proven principles for successful learning and socialization of students with Learning Disabilities and ADHD. Everything in the school - the décor, the furniture, the layout, the curriculum, the adherence to schedule, the software and learning programs, the immediate rewards systems, the amount of physical activity, the teaching methods – are all geared toward successfully meeting our goals. Our objective is to aggressively work on academics, increase self-esteem and instill successful life, behavior and social skills for intermediate/middle school-aged students in preparation for their graduation to regular public high schools with minimal accommodations.

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To assist the school’s operation, there are expected rules of conduct for parents.

Confidentiality Agreement

Confidentiality to include, but are not limited to, keeping confidential information received during the “Parents Only” portion of the Parent Group Meeting confidential and not communicating any of the information to the teachers.

Conflict Resolutions

In addition, when parents have conflicts, they are encouraged to resolve them through communication and/or meeting through the following suggested channels of communication: your child’s teacher and the Administrator. If the problem is not resolved, the chairman of the Executive Board will then be notified.

Decision Making Process

Einstein Academy strives to make every family an active participant in the decision-making process at Einstein Academy. But, not all decisions at Einstein Academy are under the jurisdiction the Parent Group.

Timeliness of Tuition Payments

As a not-for-profit school, all of the tuition paid in that year is used to cover teacher salaries and expenses with minimal margins for contingencies. Consequently, for the school to run smoothly and survive, it is imperative that parents pay their tuition in a timely manner. Please see Tuition and Late Fee Policy in this Handbook.

Attendance and Tardiness

Parents are expected to ensure that their child attends school every day and is on time everyday unless there is a medical excuse for the absence or tardiness. Consequences can be imposed to make up for school time missed. A parent note must accompany student upon return to school. Student must have a doctor’s excuse after 3 consecutive absences. 3 tardies = 1 absence. A student is considered tardy if they arrive to school/class after 8:30. Early dismissals require written request from parent by 8:30. Written request is defined as a hand- written note, not an email, text, or phone call. No early dismissals will be permitted after 2:30.

Parent Communication and Homework Expectations

Parent communication will be sent out by the teachers, the Parent Group or Administration; either in the child’s take-home folder, student agenda, or e-mail communications. Parents are expected to check their child’s folder to assess what action or assistance is needed from you in regard to homework and other events. In addition, it is expected that you will check your e-mail several times a week for other school communications. Student agendas are required to be signed by a parent daily.

Mandatory attendance at Parent Group Meetings

Our school cannot run without the active assistance of the parents. As a parent of a child attending Einstein Academy, at least one parent is expected to attend each Parent Group Meeting once a month. If schedule conflicts occur, you are required to notify the Parent Group Chair prior to the meeting. In addition, we request that you be respectful of others’ time and come to the meeting 10 minutes early to ensure that the meeting starts on time.

Mandatory Teacher Conferences

Progress reports will be issued in the framework of teacher conferences. In addition, other conferences may be requested by the teacher at any time to address issues related to your child’s academic progress or classroom behavior. It is mandatory that at least one parent attend these conferences when scheduled. Every attempt will be made to conduct these conferences at times that are convenient for you.

Appropriate Times to Talk to the Teachers

We do have an open-door policy between teachers and parents. We also ask that you respect the teacher’s need for planning time in the morning and refrain from having impromptu meetings with the teachers at the start of the school day or while school is in session. The teachers are available after school or for any scheduled meeting or call time. To arrange for a phone or personal meeting in the morning, during the day or in the evening, please email your child’s teacher or call the school office with times that you are available by phone or in person. The teacher will make every effort to accommodate your needs. You are always welcome to e-mail the teachers or send in notes with your child at any time. We ask that you only call the teachers on their cell phones during the day for true emergencies. Teachers will respond to calls, texts, or e-mails during nonacademic times (recess, lunch, or after school).

Committee Work and Reporting

Einstein Academy believes that education is a cooperative undertaking among the school, parents, and the student. Accordingly, we ask that parents partner with Einstein Academy to participate through 10 hours per year of volunteer involvement, understanding that tuition alone does not cover all operating expenses.

Consequences for Non-compliance with Parent Rules of Conduct

Einstein Academy is a private not-for-profit school. Student acceptance and continued enrollment is based on the discretion of the Administrator and/or the Parent Group Chair. Student can be placed on provisional acceptance or provisional continued enrollment for actions related to parent conduct.





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