Two students smiling for a photo as they enjoy a field trip to hike at Jones Gap State Park.

The Vision of Einstein Academy…

For all our students to rise to the challenge of learning, to embrace who they are and to grow everyday during their learning journey at Einstein Academy.

Einstein Academy wants….

To help our students find within themselves the ability to be confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners.  Students who actively seek, use, and create knowledge, to rise above any learning or social challenge. To understand that a difference is not an end, but a beginning.

In partnership with parents Einstein Academy is committed to providing a caring and safe school that promotes each students academic, social and emotional development while being provided a high-quality learning and teaching environment.

At Einstein Academy, we want our children to develop the skills of higher order thinking, creative and critical thinking.  We want them to develop the skill of asking questions, organizing their thoughts and stretching further. We want to provide our children with the skills, habits, thought processes and powerful experiences that lead to life-long learning.  We want our children to have the support, information and tools they need to recognize how best they learn and acquire knowledge.

Einstein Academy aims to….

Assist our children in developing skills that will help them become thoughtful, productive citizens in an ever-changing world.  Within this positive, empowering, motivational educational environment, we will strive to encourage and develop honest, responsible people with positive self-images, who respect the beliefs, thoughts, and rights of others.  They will be able to transition to the next stage in their life with grace and the knowledge that they can succeed through hard work and perseverance.