Testimonials from Einstein Parents
and Students

From an Einstein graduate and current high school student
School was hard for me before I went to Einstein. When I started at Einstein I was nervous. I met so many nice people who helped me feel like a part of the school. I was able to do my school work and that made me feel good. I made lots of friends at Einstein, I still talk to some of them. I am going to Blue Ridge High now and I like it. I still get extra help with my school work. This is my second year helping to video the varsity basketball team when they play. I am going to Bond’s Career Center for Career Explorations. I hope to get into their Diesel Mechanics program. I am happy I went to Einstein and know it helped me to be where I am today.

From the Parent of an Eighth Grader
Prior to entering Einstein Academy in the fall of 2015, our son Rick struggled with severe dyslexia and all things academic. Prior to his attending Einstein, we attempted to homeschool Rick but each day included meltdowns of frustration due to his learning challenges. We knew that we needed to investigate other schooling options and were diligent in seeking a good fit for Rick. Of particular concern to us was Rick’s tendency to shut down in frustration over anxiety related to school performance.

Rick is currently completing his eighth-grade year at Einstein Academy, and I think everyone who knows him would agree that there has been a miraculous transformation in our son. From his first day at Einstein, Rick has sought to “own” his education, working hard and succeeding in his efforts academically. No longer does he see himself as “not smart” or unable to learn. He has tasted academic success, as well as success in being a leader and relating well to his school peers and faculty. This year, he serves as vice president of the student council and also helped lead his school basketball team to victory.

Einstein Academy has been a true answer to our prayers in providing a safe and supportive educational environment in which our son can learn, grow in self-confidence, succeed and develop into the wonderful young man he was created to be. We are so very thankful for the gift of Einstein Academy for our son and our entire family.

From a first-year Einstein Parent
Hope has worked her tail off at her new school, Einstein Academy.  Her report card reflects how hard she has worked, all A’s!  I can’t explain the feeling we have right now, knowing these are true grades she deserves not just given to her so she can move on to the next grade.  This school is AMAZING!  Her teachers are hard-working teachers who truly care about our child and not a letter grade.

They have met Hope where she is at and she is thriving.  Not only does it show in Hope’s grades, but in her daily life.  At our beach church picnic she spoke to people, actually went up to them and spoke, at a friends house she wanted to stay outside and play with the kids!  This brings tears to our eyes. We were guided to this school by God and I am glad we listened.  I am feeling SO blessed and grateful!