SWISH Tournament Champs

Coach Avery and students holding the SWISH trophy
Einstein Academy offers many afterschool activities. We have a dance team, taught by a local dance teacher. The students perform at school events. Our intramural soccer club recently received funding through Target and will begin practicing soon.

Our Coach has created an amazing basketball program. Coach Avery expects his athletes to attend all practices, keep their grades up and represent the school and standards as in any other school athletic program. This year we had both a JV and varsity basketball team. The students learned to play together as a team, some children held a basketball for the first time. One child finally made a basket during a game after three years of trying! The team held tryouts, have uniforms, practiced weekly, and played competitively with schools such as Lead Academy, Camperdown Academy and The Chandler School.

We participated in the SWISH Tournament on February 2, 2018. Our Varsity Team came in first place receiving an amazing trophy and validation for their exceptional work ethic and teamwork