MAP Testing Starts May 14

Einstein Academy (MAP) testing for students beginning Monday, May 14.

  • B Group (7th and 8th graders): Monday, May 14-18
  • A Group (4-6th graders): Monday, May 21-25
  • The last two days of each week will be make-up testing.

Please arrive by 8:15 am on days of testing.

The MAP testing program assesses students’ progress toward mastery of educational standards. MAP testing includes assessments in the subject areas of Reading, English/Language Arts and Math.

Attendance during MAP testing is imperative. Please avoid making appointments or checking your child out of school during the testing dates. Students tend to perform better when they take tests in their regular testing environment. For this reason, we try to avoid the additional stress to your child by singling them out to make up missed tests.

Below is a list of other tips to help your child do well on the MAP test:

  • Make sure your child gets a good night sleep
  • Make sure your child has a good breakfast
  • Encourage your child to do his/her best
  • Make sure your child is at school on time (8:15am)
  • Ask about the test each day. Let your child know the test is important and that you care about the results.

Results from the MAP tests provide the school with information on how your child is developing, and we want all students to show what they know. Parental support is vital in the motivation of our students and by working together, your student will do his or her best work. Please feel free to contact Christine Stogner with any questions regarding MAP testing at

Thank you in advance for your support!